About Me

Hello, I'm Erin

Hello and welcome to AI Lesson Lab! My name is Erin Flanagan, and I am the technology enthusiast, teacher, and founder of Erintegration. With over 12 years of classroom experience, a Master’s in Elementary Education, and a technology leadership role in my district, I’m passionate about helping teachers integrate technology into their classrooms in practical and creative ways.


In 2014, I started blogging to share innovative ways to use technology in the classroom, sharing teaching ideas, lesson plans, website and app reviews, tutorials, and advice. I am self taught web designer and SEO expert with certification in Google Apps and Google Search Console tools.

I’m also a presenter, having led workshops at events like ISTE, and co-created the TWTCON conference and TWT Facebook Group, providing online professional development for educators worldwide and have presented at the Teachers Pay Teachers summer conference twice! Once virtually and will be again this summer!


As a curriculum creator for my TPT Store, Erintegration, I design engaging and low-prep activities for elementary classrooms, including STEM and resources that focus on creative technology integration for general ed teachers. I have earned multiple milestones and had multiple resources in the top 100 bestselling lists (before they stopped sharing that…boo).


All of this mild bragging is to say, as your instructor on AI Lesson Lab, I bring my expertise and passion for integrating technology into the classroom and my business, as well as my experience with AI technology like ChatGPT, to help you learn how to use AI to enhance student learning, create better resources, and transform your education business. I can’t wait to help you discover the power of AI in education!